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Announcements Registration fees for long-term loan of Science
Sign up long-term loan facility of students applying for tuition Ministry of Science Spring 94-93 (repayment after graduation) began.

Announcement register Ministry of long-term loans ( repayment after graduation)

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All students applying to facilitate long-term loan for tuition for the second semester of the academic year the Ministry of Science, 94-93 (with open points payments after graduation) should then get the appropriate forms via the link below to complete the documents required action and then to register From & nbsp; 12 and 23 October & nbsp; University may refer to the Welfare Fund.
Obviously, in terms of equal priority to students who have not yet used this loan.
Important Note:
1. The student shall be allowed in the school years of the loan.
2. Documents required for registration and must be fully completed and submitted in accordance with the form guide and does not applications that documents, we let the complete is the

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