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Important Notice for final exams
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Important Note exams End of term
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1- least 15 Minutes before starting time of your exam in the exam hall Obviously Ross is due after the start of the test, & nbsp; In none of the students. permit entry Meeting will not be implemented.

2. With respect to the time at the university, the statement hours roundtrip travel services , which subsequently will be announced on the web sites of note.

3 with the card session test with valid student card is mandatory and any unrelated note, even in the back of the card is a fraud examination.
Print cards for entering the test session to educational system see.
Since the first meeting you try this card stamp University It is therefore the responsibility of maintaining it to the end of exams You will love this card has some limitations

4. talking with the phone (even off), palm computer, along with notes, calculator and impaired mobility and comfort Drnzm meeting is a violation of the provisions of the Disciplinary Committee will deal with the offender.

5. Since bring any bags, books, pamphlets and other personal belongings in the exam No is. So Tqazamy students from the University of instruments mentioned in a separate list. Obviously, in the case of loss, the University does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

6- All exams in gymnasium of the 12 field held it arrives in theaters Number of seats in accordance with the relevant provisions of the test card and minutes to complete the exam In no way do not leave your seat .

7- absence three lessons will eliminate the need to go to a training course not.

8. Absence Over three lessons the recording zero the record for the course will be excluding those medical certificate valid for up to 3 days after the exam to be delivered to the Department of Education

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