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امام علی (ع) فرمودند : زكات دانش، آموزش به كسانى كه شايسته آنند و كوشش در عمل به آن است.

Important Notice Regarding the pre-registration semester 94-93
به اطلاع کلیه دانشجویان محترم می رساند مطابق مصوبه شورای آموزشی دانشگاه و با هدف ارتقای سطح رضایتمندی شما دانشجویان، قبل از انتخاب واحد اصلی هرنیمسال، انجام پیش ثبت نام ترم و تعیین واحدهای مورد نظر برای ثبت نام اصلی، الزامی شده است

Important Notice deputy register of the second semester of 94-93
    brings honor to inform all students in accordance University Council and to promote
Your satisfaction levels of students, pre-registration and selection of the desired term of the registration,
Some advantages of this scheme is necessary is to :   
     1- provider groups After a careful survey to estimate the real needs of school students register.
2. The amount of study groups has been removed due to lack of quorum in the registration class of the semester
3. Select the unit for students working conditions
  4- volume drop and add courses
5. The use of experienced teachers with a detailed survey of the required courses students
   Important Note:   
  1- term pre-registration is mandatory for all students, and the chance to select a main unit provided

2. Pre-registration is not necessary to settle the debt or deposit a fixed fee.

  3-  Select the adequacy of pre-registration of the first decade of February is done according to the training calendar
Do not  and select the main unit after the tuition is paid according to the calendar of the educational system
Should be re-done.

4. Register the second semester of the academic year 94-93 in accordance with the timetable set forth in the notice prior to the date
  24  beginning of December, and the  27  December  more there.

5. In a similar pre-registration and registration of all laws, including compliance credits and prerequisites
The needs and ceiling unit is necessary.

6. To register to the   register link system   may have.     

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pre-registration for the second semester schedule 94-93

accounting of all sections Monday & nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; 93/9/24
Group & nbsp; PC all sections Tuesday & nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; 93/9/25
Architecture All sections Wednesday & nbsp; 93/9/26
power of all sections Thursday & nbsp; & Nbsp; & Nbsp; 93/9/27
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