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Important Notice regarding industry training office
Notable Students Say Instructions received training unit
unit receiving instructions Training
1- & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Obtain an internship with the minimum of credits allowed by the student
2. Refer to the website of the University and received training forms and instructions you need
3. The first part of the form is signed by a number (Student Engagement) by student
4. Form completed the second part of a visit to the Department of Education for review and approval File & zwnj; the student by educational experts group
5. Part III of Form submitted by referring to a group manager
6. The completion and approval of Part IV of Form A teacher by training & nbsp;
7. Refer to the internship for approval and signature of the form V (1) by the Training
& Nbsp; & Nbsp; Note: Students who need a referral to see a primary training location & zwnj; be given the form (1) signed in the first and second visit to the office of university-industry relations.
8. The completed and signed form (1) of the Industrial Relation Office issued a letter of introduction to the training
9. Preparation of Presentation & zwnj; a / certification began formal training at the Training tab under Form No. (2)
10. Progress report completed by the student's training, approved by the supervisor and teacher training in accordance with Form No. (3)
11. After the training period students confirm the completed form (4) act in accordance with the instruction manual evaluation by supervisor training.
12. Preparation of report & zwnj; a / certificate completion of apprenticeship training in accordance with the official letterhead of form (5)
13. The final report on teacher training courses in coordination with the reporting guidelines and training
14. Provide a final report training (CD) certified teacher, a form of work in progress (Form No. (3) certified) Evaluation Form supervisor trainee (Form No. (4) certified), introduction & zwnj; a / Certificate end Internships (Form No. (5) certified) and other information in the form of training (Form No. (6) certified) in relation to an industry expert office to issue a declaration of the form
15. The announcement of the final grade teacher and approved by the Director of the Department of
16. Delivery of the internship report (CD) approved by the teacher, Form No. 3, 4, & nbsp; 5 & nbsp; and 6 & nbsp; And & nbsp; Form approved by the Office also announced the industry
Tips to ease the process of apprenticeship training unit Refer to the flowchart.
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Note: Students are required to complete the steps Mzkvrra. Otherwise, the unit received the training they will vitiate you & zwnj; Nysmal should be coming again to receive the same.
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Note: The time to start training after the date of the introduction of a teacher and supervisor training is coordinated by the University.
& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Note: If there are any potential problems in the training of students should notify the office immediately inform the industry.


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