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لینک به ما
نکته روز

امام علی (ع) فرمودند : زكات دانش، آموزش به كسانى كه شايسته آنند و كوشش در عمل به آن است.

Important Notice: hour transportation services Vzhab days of exams
Hour roundtrip transportation programs and student services during final exams were announced

Programs and Hours reciprocating motion of student transportation services
& Nbsp;
to the welfare of students and timely services, programs, student transportation services During Exams & nbsp; is declared as follows:

1. The first morning drive-time services, from all stations in nine other cities (Shiraz gate, bridge bozorgmehr, Tee S, Ahmedabad, right temple, after Tehran, King City, Shahinshahr), 10 minutes earlier the Ross 7 am will do.

2. In addition to the hours of service 7 morning service for a number of hours, days, The only source of Azaystgah (right temple, the first tulips Boulevard, after Baqvshkhanh terminal, next to the sweet abode Yazdi) at the University predicted that hour drive to the University at the time stated the following:
9: 40 & nbsp; Morning
12: 40 & nbsp; Pm
14:40 pm

3 hours return services The source of the terminal Baqvshkhanh (right temple)
between the hours of & Nbsp; 9 & nbsp; To & nbsp; 10:15 & nbsp; Morning
11: 30 & nbsp; To & nbsp; 12: 45 & nbsp; Noon & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
16: 30 & nbsp; To & nbsp; 18 & nbsp; Age

Alternatively the 10 to 20 every minute done.
< / strong> and return service will be performed outside these hours < / span>.
& Nbsp;
IMPORTANT NOTE: The students' Ross origin or destination specified stations is required

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