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لینک به ما
نکته روز

امام علی (ع) فرمودند : زكات دانش، آموزش به كسانى كه شايسته آنند و كوشش در عمل به آن است.

Important Notice: notable newcomer students
Activation card and online reservation food nutrition education system as a user code

notable newcomer students < / span>
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welcome to the width of the entering class of 93 to inform will:

1 to Card Activation Nutrition User ID for online reservation and receive food, the Student Affairs Officer (Mr. Aziz Khani) see.

2. To know the schedule, exam dates and financial conditions through the link on the front page of the web site as System Training login.

It is worth mentioning your name, student number and password or identification number (national code) is.

3 credits per semester for all matters relating to delete and add grades and will be conducted through the system.

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strongly recommend: Since All urgent notifications will be announced on the website of the daily continuous visit to this site is required for students.

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