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لینک به ما
نکته روز

امام علی (ع) فرمودند : زكات دانش، آموزش به كسانى كه شايسته آنند و كوشش در عمل به آن است.

Student transportation service stations
Track student transportation services announced

student transportation service stations (there and return)
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No Directions h < / strong>
1 Tee Symyn- St. Symyn- against taxi 7:10 min
2 Gate Shiraz & ndash; Street thousand acres & ndash; Sfh- the front of the University 7:10 min
3 Paul Bzrgmhr- Mshtaq- street not far from the fire 7:10 min
4 Ahmad Abad St. J. & ndash; Gasoline pump output after bus station 7:10 min
5 Square in front of the hospital Qds- Jarjani 7:20 min
6 Gateway Tehran & ndash; St. Rabat & ndash; Opposite the bus station 7:10 min
7 King City & ndash; Motahari Square & ndash; Infront Rose 7:10 min
8 Shahin Shahr greenhouse gas station 7:10 min
9 Zea & ndash; Revolution Square (every half hour to sweep) 7:30 min
afternoon hours return services between h 11 and 12 and evenings between the hours 16 and 18 is
Important Note: < br /> 1- All the services of an ID and sign for & nbsp; Are
2. The observance of moral discipline and student services required
3. In case of any violation of the Student Affairs Office to notify drivers on the second floor office building report

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