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امام علی (ع) فرمودند : زكات دانش، آموزش به كسانى كه شايسته آنند و كوشش در عمل به آن است.

The second is?
The second specifies the name of the site. Since all servers and sites on the Internet for easy and convenient access to specified IP is the site of the second.
Second, how do they work?
The second one is called that by entering the name of the browser you name servers, a special Internet Whois stored sends the DNS the second defines the specification of DNS to convert the IP that the IP is essentially a, where xxx is the amount of each series of numbers between 0 and 255, respectively. This number indicates the position of your server on the Internet.
What is domain parking?
A second connection to an account that has already been made to park the second call. For example you have an account (Host + second) name you have purchased, you are making your addresses when users visited and connects you to the main site are. To do this, you must have recorded two other second and then to the second main account connected to these operations (operations connected with one or more second to previous accounts) to call the second of the park they.
What is the suffix of the second?
The second com: commercial stands there. Dvmynhay com. Which could have recorded the highest ratings possible for all natural and legal persons. This is the second recorded one year to ten years. Second net: stands for the network. The second most used sites which are active in the network. However, each individual may make use of the second kind. This is the second recorded one year to ten years. Second org: the organization stands for. The second type is usually used for the institutions and organizations. Usually when states com. And net. Already registered by someone else. This is the second well. This is the second recorded one year to ten years. Second biz: This is the second most used for business and commerce. This is the second in a class of one year to ten years Dvmynhay gTLD recorded. Second info: This is the second line of the second invention aims to unlimited use of the second com. Which is an acronym for Information. Domain info. Usually used for general informational sites. This is the second recorded one year to ten used. This is the second recorded one year to ten years. Second us: this is the second two-letter abbreviation for the United State of America. Second ws: This is the second of the two-letter country of Western Samoa (Western Samoa is an island in the South Pacific) stands as the second most known WebSite mostly used for private sites. The second tv: The second of the two-letter country of Tuvalu (Tuvalu islands located between Hawaii and Australia) Television and stands as the second most used for television. Second cc: The second two characters are related to the Cocos (Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean) is the second-ir: ir domain and its subsets, the specific country. Professional ir is derived from iran. The second subset Dvmynhay recorded only five years. Ir second record for each release. Second This is the second of the second subset of Iranian Dvmynhay ir and is excellent for universities and institutes. To register this domain, documents and records of the institution is required. Second This is the second of the second sub ir and companies large and small to be used. The second involves the provision of the Articles of Association and documents registered companies. Second This is the second of the second subset is ir governmental organizations and are used to. Record second only to organizations and institutions will be possible.
Is there only the second record?
Yes, you can order just the second in principle to your booking.
How do Dvmynm to the hosting account you already bought, I connected?
For this, we need a second to park your previous account. To the second order the domain name you want to be the second you enter the park.
Will I be given a second control panel?
Yes, the agreement between the Persian and you're there Srvysz All domain has been registered by the Persian Srvysz your request will be sent to you.
You can register your domain for several years?
Domains ir. You can go for a year or 5 years and can range from 1 to 5 years or renew the registration.
What time can renew your domain?
You can check out any time for you to renew your domain. With the extension of the expiration date on the number of credits required will be added to the range.
Are you registered domains before the validity period can be extended?
Yes - the possibility of extending the scope of the record before the expiration of the period of time possible.
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